Movement Solutions for Office Workers





The human body is under considerable, consistent strain when it is required to do sedentary tasks. Whether sitting or standing for prolonged periods at a desk, the results are similar, as the primary problem is immobility.

Productivity does not decrease when the pattern of immobility is broken up with intermittent periods of natural movements: because of research that has been done in both adults and children, we can presume that productivity will actually increase when the body is given what it needs in terms of movement.

Modern people tend to have fundamental misunderstandings regarding what is biologically normal for the human body, and what compensations are necessary to accommodate the radical change in human movement behavior that began with the industrial revolution.  It is easy for us to see what accommodations are needed for a super-star athelete, as the athelete is seen as a person who puts considerable demand on their body and needs it to perform optimally. Whether it is trainers, massage therapists, physical therapists, etc, the athlete takes measures to compensate for the effects of their career. Most office workers do not. And yet, the office worker's body is under considerable and consistent strain from being sedentary!


The human body is designed to be in motion for almost all of the day.  This is our biological norm, and our biological inheritance. 

The human body is designed/adapted for moving through all ranges of motion every day.

The modern office worker, or otherwise sedentary person, does not have a deficiency of "exercise" per se. While there is nothing wrong with setting aside a more considerable amount of time devote to exercise in one session, research has shown that this alone does not undo the damage from prolonged sitting or standing. It is the physical patterns of sitting and standing that must be consistently broken up with smaller amounts of targeted, natural movements. These consistent changes in physical orientation, organization, and geometry throughout the work day will by far produce the most results!


Having worked with business professionals over the years as both a Structural Bodyworker, Natural Movement teacher, and personal trainer, I have designed a range of consultation approaches and educational opportunities for both employers and employees. My desire now is to bring the wisdom of natural movement not just to individuals who work in offices, but to businesses themselves and the cultures they create.

  • Education for employers and employees about how the human body is designed to move, and how to integrate even small amounts of these movements into the workplace lifestyle that can make BIG changes to musculo-skeletal health

  • Consultations for small changes that can be made to individual workspaces, so as to provide greater movement opportunity

  • Consultations for larger office renovation projects that can create dedicated movement areas nearby for all employees

  • Individual Functional Movement Assessments

  • Consultations for individuals with specific structural issues


It is my goal to help create healthy workplace environments that provide considerably greater movement opportunities for office workers. It is also my goal to create a Cost-Savings for the company in terms of workplace compensation, Productivity Increases, as well as Quality of Life Increases for everyone involved.  Movement is for everyone!