Andrew Brown, MovNat® Natural Movement Fitness Certified Trainer (Level 2) and Rolfing® Structural Integration Practitioner


My background is not particularly from the world of fitness, but as a structural bodyworker / manual therapist.  I was raised by parents who are both physical therapists.  Since 2005 I have been a full-time practicing Rolfing practitioner in Birmingham, AL (see here for the Institute, and here for my site). In more recent years, I helped to co-create the group Embody Manual and Movement TherapyAs a Rolfer, I largely spend my days working with people who are experiencing chronic pain and dysfunction

My experiences as a manual therapist, along with my love of movement in nature and my own quest to understand human movement habits and potential, led me to the MovNat® training and certification.  This methodology is centered around the notion that we as modern humans are suffering in multiple ways due to one very key and central aspect of our lifestyle: as we have removed ourselves from the natural world, we have lost our natural movement ability. Our level of movement volume and complexity plummeted. This lack of movement that shaped our body and mind in the past is a major component of the modern path of chronic pain and dysfunction.

In addition to offering help to a person's structural integrity through manual therapy, helping others reconnect to their natural movement abilities provides more of a long-term lifestyle solution: creating a body that is significantly more resistant and resilient to injury. It is my goal to help usher the training of natural movements into our culture, and to provide a missing element for so many people: practical movement skills that help preserve and improve physical function and health, no matter what age or condition a person is in.

The larger benefits of training the body with natural movements is that we reconnect ourselves to the natural world and to our own nature as human beings.

I give private movement sessions in my Rolfing office for more therapeutic purposes, as well as in-home visits and sessions at local parks and playgrounds. Classes are held in multiple locations. See my Classes and Private Training pages for more information.

For more information, to schedule a consultation or session, or to register for a class please call/text me at 205.370.7768 or email me at